There is a plethora of other photographers out there, so why choose us? We can think of a few good reasons.

Our perspective

Anybody out there today, with a cool camera can take decent photos. But to us, it isn't just the clicking of shots- it's the passion for our craft that drives us. Our fun, creative thinking combined with our fluid expertise in handling our cameras is what makes us so confident about our skill. Do take a look at our portfolio page to see what we mean.

We're hassle free

We are a team of grounded, down to earth photographers who are only interested in taking photographs the way YOU want them. We're not here to make a quick buck. We believe that a great product is incomplete unless it is matched with a great attitude, which for us means brilliant customer service.

We're affordable and don't believe in hidden costs

We believe that great photos and an affordable price aren't mutually exclusive. Nobody should have to pay prohibitively high costs for having great taste and wanting to get the best. Once you've hit our contact page you'll know why we are so popular with our clients. We're transparent and straightforward and all our prices reflect our philosophy.

Fast turnarounds

We believe that a great customer experience is also about efficiency.

With us, you will get a great photoshoot and a quick turnaround time, every time. In most cases, we are able to deliver the initial product within 3 days of the start of the project. Once they have been approved, we will usually send the final product within an additional 7 days.


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